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Posted by Averil Kear on 23/02/2016

Dear Jean, Thank you so much for your kind words about our lovely Cathedral of the Forest. The church is always open and I wish you and all your family a wonderful visit to the Forest of Dean and our church.

Posted by Jean Cholak on 23/02/2016

I will be visiting Newland this June with my two daughters and granddaughter. I visited All Saints in 2008 with my husband, and would now like to show my daughers & granddaughters where their ancestors (namely, my 4xGreat-grandparents who were married there, and my Great-Great-grandmother who was baptized there. The Tingle family of William and Mary Robbins Tingle). I'm not sure if we will be there on June 10 or 11, or even what time. Can you please tell me what hours the church is open for visitors? I am so looking forward to sharing this familial experience with my children. All Saints is absolutely gorgeous and so special! Thank you, Jean Cholak

Posted by Averil Kear on 08/01/2016

My article on Henry Cook and his wild garden was published in the journal of the Forest of Dean Local History Society in Volume 27, 2013. You can obtain a copy of this volume by visiting their web site If you look under the 'Publications' section you will be able to order a copy. Thank you for your interest.

Posted by Dr Frances Hurd on 08/01/2016

Dear Averil Kear, I understand you were researching the Cook family of Priors Mesne, Aylburton. Did your article get published? I am interested in Charles Chesney Cook and his son Charles HHC Cook. Best wishes Frances Hurd

Posted by Averil Kear on 19/03/2015

Hi Terri I have looked at my database of entries for the gravestones in Newland churchyard but am unable to locate a Hester Coleman. You are quite right that the parish register states that she was buried at All Saints but there were of course very many people buried in the churchyard without headstones. All the parish registers for All Saints, Newland are now held at the Gloucestershire Archives. If you would like a copy from the original register you should contact them through their web site The Archives may have other documents relating to the Coleman family which may include wills and perhaps property transactions. The Forest of Dean Family History Society have transcribed many of the local parish registers including All Saints, Newland and I did find the entry for the burial of Hester Coleman on this site. It states that she was 42 years of age when she died and was the wife of James Coleman. She was buried on 6th September 1847.

Posted by Terri Jensen on 16/03/2015   Email

Hello. I am visiting the Forest of Dean with my mother, aunt, and cousin in May, 2015. We would like to see the headstone (if there is one) for Hester Coleman, who the parish records say was buried there in September 1847. Is there available a book or record of memorial transcriptions from the churchyard? Is there a map or an index to determine if there is a headstone for a burial there and how to find it? Many thanks!

Posted by Averil Kear on 09/07/2014

I have just been notified that the Forest of Dean Family History Trust can be accessed through their web site

Posted by Averil Kear on 23/05/2013

Dear Gill, The tomb you refer to in the Greyndour chapel has brasses representing Robert Greyndour and his wife Joan. This tomb was later inscribed with a third brass for Sir Christopher Baynham, a mid 16th century owner of Clearwell. There were many property transactions between the Greyndour and Baynham families in the 15th & 16th centuries.There is also a fourth brass depicting a Forest of Dean miner with a candle holder clenched in his teeth, a mattock in his hand and a hod on his back. This is known as 'the miners brass'. You will be able to find out much more about the Greyndour and Baynham families by consulting the Victoria History of the County of Gloucester, Volume V, Forest of Dean

Posted by Gill Hogarth on 16/05/2013   Email

Dear Averil, Thank youu for an interesting website, but it has left me with a question to ask you: I'm sat at home nursing a broken foot and doing some research online for our local history group on the medieval Bitton family of Gloucestershire. Joan, daughter of Katherine Bitton, married Robert Greyndour. I have read Ellacombe's Victorian 'History of Bitton' and J MacClean's 'Notes on the Greyndour Chapel' published in BGAS Transactions of 1882. I'm going with the theory that the brass in your church which is marked Christopher Baynham, is actually of Robert and Joan Greyndour, and Christopher is a later owner of their property. Is there any more recent research on the Chapel and brass ? Many thanks for any information or any direction in which you can point me. You have an interesting website. Gill

Posted by Cecelia Lange on 07/11/2012

I cannot remember whether or not I thanked you for all the information you sent me concerning the Throckmortons/Throgmortons. It was so helpful! I must tell you about the church, though. When we arrived, the view was breathtaking! Once inside, it just became better and better! It is, indeed, a cathedral. All three of us in my party were speechless. All Saints is an exquisite church. Thank you so much for your welcoming message and for letting us see that very spiritual place. CECELIA H. LANGE

Posted by Averil Kear on 28/08/2012   Email

Dear Cecelia, I have attached a list of monumental inscriptions to members of the Throckmorton family (1628-1683) who have gravestones at All Saints Newland. You will see that sometimes the family name was spelt Throgmorton but it is indeed the same family. I also attach entries I found from the transcripts of parish registers (13 entries 1567-1684) compiled by the Forest of Dean Family History Society which may be of interest to you, all the entries give further details and can be accessed on their web site The church is always open but in October you may find that some building work is going on inside as we are having some toilets installed in the church.. This will not stop you visiting though and I am sure you will enjoy our Cathedral of the Forest.

Posted by Cecelia Lange on 28/08/2012

Hello, I' going to be visiting in the area in October. I am looking into my Throckmortons associated with Newland. I would like to know if there are any records at the church or perhaps memorials or tombs. I am happy to come and look for myself, but I would like to make sure that the church is open. Of course my small group of three will make a donation. I would appreciate any guidance you can provide. Thank you Cecelia Lange, Arvada, Colorado, USA

Posted by Derrick Davis on 28/08/2012

We just arrived back yesterday in the US, and I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to meet Kevin and I at the All Saints Church. It was one of the highlights of our trip and meant a lot to me especially (despite there not being any Aston's in the graveyard). I will let you know if I find any information that indicates that any of my ancestors are in the graveyard. Thank you again. Your hospitality and friendliness will always be remembered. Derrick

Posted by Patricia Haine nee Tucker on 22/07/2012   Email

Does anyone remember my father Ernest H. Tucker who was Vicar of Newland with Redbrook 1952-59. A service was broadcast on the radio from the church during one of those years and as there was no choir, Coleford Choral Society of which my father was the conductor, helped the singing! My brother Michael and I used to hand pump the organ before it was updated. I was 17 when we left Newland but it has always had a corner of my heart. Beautiful church and beautiful vicarage.

Posted by Judith Cutler on 18/11/2011   Email

I arrived at your web site as a result of searching for more information on the work of Beryl Dean as I am a textiles student in my spare time and saw an exhibition of her work recently at Alexandra Palace. Your church does look beautiful, and if I am ever in the area I will try and visit. You are lucky to have some of Beryl's work which I think is, to say the least, skilled, beautiful and timeless. Judith, Bournemouth, Dorset - 18/11/11